Conceptualizing and delivering

Payment Solutions

Who we are

RS Software brings multi-rail expertise developed by delivering transformative solutions across the digital payments value chain – Infrastructure, Application, Services.

We enable digital payments Infrastructure, Application, and Services to address the value chain drivers – consumers and business.

Having an outside-in view is critical and has enabled us to deliver Applications that connect Infrastructure all the way to last-mile connect with consumers and businesses – essential for acceptance of any rail.

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We have created Services (FRM) and enable technology for our customers (industry stakeholders) to build or partner with Fintech to build and deliver Services – to enable value-add and opportunity for additional revenue streams (enable Fintech innovation).

We enable digital payment Infrastructure for stakeholders who need to create an ecosystem of digital payments value chain.

Our Digital Assets deliver next-gen payment requirements across value-chain

RS Accelerators –Frameworks, Software Components, Knowledge Repository, and Digital Assets span SDLC for delivering solutions across the value-chain impacted by Payment Modernization

  • Connectivity: Modernizing connectivity for direct and indirect participants with the new-age payment rails
  • Core Systems, Business Applications: Modernizing payment systems and infrastructure with digital-first technology
  • Value-Added Services: Solving use-cases that address the need for embedded, intelligent, real-time value transfer
  • Acceptance: Enabling the last-mile value-delivery to customers through digitalization of the acceptance layer

RS Software is the Partner-of-Choice, globally and locally