Our values

Our corporate culture is the beliefs and behaviors that determine how our employees and management interact and handle business transactions. It reaches to the core of our ideology and practice, and affects every aspect of our business. Taking complete ownership of an assignment, we are motivated to give our best, ensuring we surpass our own performance while competing with the best, in order to be the best.

At RS Software, we aim to make payments frictionless. A key choice of operating only in Payments, a sharp focus on our customers and a relentless attitude towards our work have helped us create a position of strength - as a domain expert for over 25+ years. From solutions to platforms, RS aims to create, a unique and dominant position in this dynamic, high speed and innovative Payment eco-system. We want to be at the cutting edge of this revolution globally in our constant pursuit to conceptualize and deliver payment solutions for tomorrow.

Core Value Proposition

Conceptualize and deliver payment
solutions for tomorrow


Our values

  • To achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction
  • Achieving success through effective leadership
  • Foster an environment of trust
  • Constantly work towards synchronizing the goals of the individual with those of the organization
  • To be a learning organization


  • Our greatest asset is our people
  • Our sincere commitment is towards providing a congenial work environment where our people come first
  • Our motto is “customer before self”
  • We strive to be the best in everything we undertake
  • We follow an Open Door Policy and are always open to suggestions for improvement with those of the organization
  • To be a learning organization


  • Continuous investment in Technology Upgrades
  • Investment in Training and Skill Enhancement
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Commitment of Top Management