Implementing New Technology

to Counter New Threats

A unique 3DS 2.0 Test Simulator platform

The unique 3DS 2.0 Test Simulator platform, RS Test2Pay 3DS2.0 is for payment processors to test their Access Control Server (ACS). The platform tests different components of the entire 3DS 2.0 ecosystem such as ACS, Directory Server (DS), 3DS Requestor, and 3DS Client using the service virtualization technique and comes with an integrated test management suite built for ease of testing.

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Why will payments providers choose
RS Test2Pay 3DS2.0 for their business?

  • radio

    Capable of generating multiple flavours of transactions, execute and simulate in-path components

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    The solution has been live for the customer and improved their solution reliability and greatly lower their risk

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    Enables users to simulate any of the 3 domains of the 3DS2.0 protocol to test their system under test.


Success Stories

  • RS Software has created a technology framework for 3DS 2.0 environment simulation which can simulate all 3DS 2.0 components as defined by EMVCo as well as act as a Sandbox to help development of interfacing components.