Accelerating the

real-time payments


Create differentiated experiences for your stakeholders

In an evolving payments landscape that has accelerated rapid changes in market dynamics, increasing customer expectations, and constantly changing regulatory measures, almost every bank wants to embrace real-time payments to create differentiated experiences for its stakeholders and a competitive edge over its peers. RS RealEdge™ caters to this very impetus for banks by accelerating their real time payment journey.

RS RealEdge™ from RS Software is a modern, modular, ISO 20022 compliant, API-based, cloud-ready real-time payment solution built using global industry standards to future-proof the payments business for banks. It enables financial institutions to offer 24/7/365 payments with immediate funds availability and payment certainty, enabling customers to send and receive payments instantly, right from their accounts.

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RS RealEdge™ will enable Banks and Payment Service Providers (PSP) to integrate with any Real Time Payments Central platform/Infrastructure and can communicate seamlessly with any RTPS system and integrates with Core Banking Systems (CBS).

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    Consumer Adoption: Seamless entry point usage, security

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    Bank/FI adoption: A ready solution for different channels under one product

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    Interoperability: With different channels and innovation to survive the challenges of time and innovation

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    A secure connector that provides Open APIs for FinTechs – new use cases, bigger consumer base, new revenue streams


Success Stories

  • One of the largest banks in India implemented RS RealEdge™ to integrate with the central UPI rail. The platform provided a set of payment APIs for the bank to extend its services to its merchant acquiring platform and enable real-time instant payment [UPI] transactions.

  • A leading technology bank of India leveraged RS RealEdge™ to build their digital hub and connect to the UPI rail. The platform also provided APIs to 3rd party wallet providers to integrate with the bank’s platform and is now planning to build more use cases on this platform.