Reimagining the

Merchant Management Ecosystem

for Merchant Acquirers of all sizes

What winning looks like

An optimized merchant onboarding & management platform, RS MerchantEdge™ enables you to streamline operations to increase efficiency, improve risk decision-making, increase sales, enhance retention, improve profitability, and ensure better portfolio management.

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What Merchant Acquirers can achieve by adopting RS MerchantEdge™

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    Engage Customers: Streamline the merchant experience to give them better access to data to run their businesses and create lasting relationships

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    Empower Employees: Provide staff with the tools to ensure productivity and take informed decisions by harnessing data with actionable insights

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    Optimize Operations: Accelerate business responsiveness, improve service levels, and reduce costs with intelligent processes

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    Transform Technology: Differentiate your business and capture opportunities using automation and data as strategic assets


Success Stories

  • Implemented a horizontally scalable acquiring acceptance solution for a leading U.S. ISO. The solution significantly reduced merchant boarding time and lowered the total cost of ownership

  • An automated residual payout calculation engine for a U.S. based acquirer that worked for a multi-level sales hierarchy with dynamic and tiered revenue sharing plans resulted in 90% gain in efficiency in residual calculation process for faster payout processing.

  • Automated the merchant onboarding and underwriting processes for a U.S. based provider of technology-driven payment processing solutions. The open platform architecture and state-of-the-art technology employed enabled easy integration with internal and external systems.