Leveraging the

power of real-time payments and

open banking

Unlocking the power of real-time payments

Banks and Fintechs, leverage RS DigitalEdge™, an API-based access layer for the banks that provides ISO20022 based real-time payment APIs and Open Banking APIs to build digital overlay services or commercial use cases.

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RS DigitalEdge™ helps banks to

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    Monetize real-time payments

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    Handle ISO 20022 message formats

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    Provide seamless integration for partners

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    Secure their internal systems

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    Provide easy access to banking services through APIs

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    Leverage multiple payment rails


Success Stories

  • RS DigitalEdge™ has been implemented for banks in India as a composite solution for connectivity with real-time rails and API based access layer for third party integration.

  • RS DigitalEdge™ has enabled the banks to provide real-time payment APIs and Meta-APIs for PSP and fintech partner integration

  • It has also helped them to integrate with their own digital channels – web, app, kiosk and others.