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Market Outlook

Today, payment networks have become the backbone of a global economy that’s perpetually on the go. We’re keeping up by constantly evolving with changing customer needs to enable near real time cross border payments, while ensuring safety, regulatory compliance and reduction of costs.

How we empower our customers

RS Software helps our clients to:

Our success stories

Catering to a 1.33 bn population

Implemented the in-country payment infrastructure across faster payment central infrastructure.

Supporting Scale

Rated #1 in FIS Global Survey our in-country payment infrastructure is processing 900+ million transactions per month and supporting an economy of 1.33 billion people.

Accessing payment rails seamlessly

Implemented the digital overlay layer using large grained APIs to ease the accessibility of the in-country faster payment rails.

Achieving faster time to market

We help clients co-innovate with FinTechs and developers by owning API strategy to implementation.

Keeping payments safe

Delivered an enterprise-class fraud and risk management platform leveraging AI and ML supporting multiple payment products (cards, checks, ACH, RTP, etc.) on a single platform.

Leveraging data for business gains

Delivered one of the largest data warehouse of card based payments that link to uniformly resolved reference entities of merchants, stores, cards and more which enabled value added use cases for the issuers and acquirers.

Ensuring safety

We built and operated central fraud and risk management platform catering to all 18 channels of electronic payments at a national level.

Delivering growth

Partnered with world’s largest payment network for 25+ years across all payment applications and facilitated scaling up from 500 TPS to 56,000 TPS growth.