In-country payment rails that move India forward
Creating transformational value for real-time commerce

Market Outlook

Customers around the world want commerce to become frictionless, transparent, more secure and reliable, and as real-time as possible. In a world where instant payments are the new norm, payment-rails and payment methods are striving towards ‘faster value transfer.’

We understand the demand for speed, security, and frictionless experience has necessitated technology advancement by financial institutions all over the world hence, global and domestic regulators have embarked on the journey to revitalise underlying infrastructure.

How we empower our customers

RS Software’s deep experience in real time payments has helped us architect, build, and implement the digital payment infrastructure of India that includes an advanced faster payment platform, a country level bill payment network, and a ubiquitous fraud and risk management platform. For client’s looking to build in-country payment rails, we can:

Our success stories

Supporting Scale

Rated #1 in FIS Global Survey our in-country payment infrastructure is processing 900+ million transactions per month and supporting an economy of 1.3 billion people.

Bill payments at a click

Built Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) - a central electronic bill payment network for India for easy and efficient bill payments that supports 5,000 transactions per second.

Ensuring safety

Built and operated a central fraud and risk management platform, catering to all 18 channels of electronic payments, at a national level.