Give your customers the freedom they need
Benefit from the payments revolution

Market Outlook

For merchants, the e-commerce payments landscape is fraught with challenges. They have to ensure a frictionless, omnichannel experience for customers while adding new payment channels and methods, battling acceptance expenses and more.

However, there is tremendous potential in the new payments landscape where governments and businesses are collaborating to open access to banking and payments networks, and facilitating market penetration for digital and traditional merchants.

To leverage this opportunity, we give merchants freedom they need to accept any payment method, enrich transaction with information, process with their provider of choice, and enable higher economic value for consumers, , and themselves. Digital transformation will be a key enabler of this freedom. The need of the hour is to adopt an API- first, cloud-first, and mobile-first approach and invest in PCI compliance activities, tokenization, data and advanced analytics, and digitization.

How we empower our customers

RS Software’s deep experience in real time payments enables a secure and frictionless experience for banks, fintechs, merchants, and businesses with solutions for advanced tokenization and authentication for payment and non-payment transactions. We help our clients:

Our success stories

Digital Transformation

Implemented an API-first, cloud-first, mobile-first, omnichannel merchant acquiring and payments platform for the US market.

Driving Acceptance

Enabled EMV / chip solutions and certification for the US market.

Enhancing Security

Delivered new capabilities to enhance payment security with solutions including tokenization, EMVCo 3DS authentication, third party risk, and fraud solutions, and end-to-end encryption etc.

Accelerating Digital

Accelerated merchant enablement through digitization of existing business capabilities.