Dispute Management

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Enabling systems and processes for fast and equitable resolutions

Dispute management is tricky in an era of digital payments and remote commerce where a transaction could end up traversing disparate providers. A quick and effective resolution, possibly requiring transaction analysis at various levels, is key to build stakeholder confidence and trust. Unfortunately, dispute and chargeback processes are still largely manual, inefficient, and time consuming making applications that support dispute processing limited in their scope and coverage.

As the industry evolves, exception processing, including dispute management, needs to be upgraded as an integral part of payment processing. With so many interfaces and complex operational rules that change bi-annually, provisioning an automated evaluation of a dispute becomes a key enabler for improving operational efficiency, and ensuring compliance.

Overall, the dispute process needs to deliver optimal user and customer experience for all stakeholders.

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RS Knowledge Management

Curated learnings from client engagements, enriched continuously with visits by industry SMEs to our Silicon Valley office and our world-class development center in India, participation in industry events globally, and ongoing market research keeps us current at all times. Best practices are in place to maintain the rich information in a systemic manner, tested for prompt availability over 25 years, proven scalability in talent knowledge growth and in building reusable knowledge artifacts.

RS School of Payments™

The single focus here is to provide a platform for continuous learning. Leveraging RS Knowledge Management, we have built a rich set of payments and technology-focused curated content at various levels of advancement. Best practices of in-class and remote learning are deployed and tested for effective learning with feedback from performance in projects. A combination of mandatory and optional learning sessions are made available as domain credits, which are evaluated for complete understanding through formal evaluation, and certification is then granted. Quick and constant learning access is the only way to scale and help clients win.

RS Payments Lab™

RS Knowledge Management and institutionalized learning through RS School of Payments come together to motivate and create an environment for innovation. The RS Payments Innovation Lab which celebrates its 10th birthday in 2019 has many credits, including a patent in US for a geo location based algorithm that facilitates customer acquisition. The lab has built multiple fintechs that surface as an integrated solution on the company’s world-class digital merchant acquiring platform. The lab is an incubator for payments innovation and applied technology, leveraging our Silicon valley presence and innovation focused talent in India.

RS Accelerators and Assets

Years of investment in Innovation, and the core values of the organization to be responsive to customers are the driving forces behind the development of accelerators, frameworks and products. A combination of these digital assets are deployed to enable faster time to market based on customer needs. A suite of these assets are now available, with more being added as continued innovation comes to fruition. The execution excellence is enabled by applying appropriate project management practices from the set of tried and tested methodologies such as Waterfall, Relaxed Waterfall, Agile, Distributed Agile, etc.

Our success stories

For Networks

Designed, architected, and built an enterprise-level automated dispute resolution system for the largest payment network in the world that delivers 4x faster processing with the same personnel.

For Processors

Designed, developed, and implemented a dispute management solution for one of the leading processors. With streamlined, automated process it reduced processing time, costs, and improved service.