Deliver expert insights in the payments domain

to drive business growth and improve operational efficiencies

The primary driving factors for the increasing need for payments focused consulting are the global demand from stakeholders in the payment ecosystem to address new revenue sources, compliance with regulations, improving operational efficiency, and achieve faster time to value with technological advancements. New payment methods, channels, and players are continually disrupting the global payments landscape. Some of these disruptive concepts are real-time payments, API technology, distributed ledger [Blockchain], tokenization, secure remote commerce, open banking, and regulations like PSD2, strong customer authentication (SCA), and regulatory pressure on payments interchange fees.

Central to addressing all of these trends is digital transformation of the payments ecosystem as a whole. For example, 60 percent of enterprises are expected to move their IT systems to cloud by 2019 as a part of their digital transformation initiatives. What’s more, leveraging data is key to the companies making informed, real-time decisions about products, services, employees, strategy, and more. In 2019, flexible consumption models should continue to boost both cloud and AI adoption.

RS payment consultants help organizations better understand disruptive technologies, define and implement technology roadmaps to address their critical business drivers. Our experts help you create a differentiator against competition and leverage innovative solutions to build and maintain an industry leadership position.


Payments Consulting Areas of Expertise

RS Software can provide a range of consulting services aligned to your organizational needs. This can range from advisory services, product or capabilities evaluation, product roadmap definition, and cost-benefit analysis, associated with the following areas of expertise.

  • Data – Help organizations leverage payment data to deliver value-added solutions using BI and Analytics
  • Real-Time Payments – Help organizations to realize the value of real-time payments
  • Digital – Help organizations to define API governance, implement API technology, and adopt an appropriate API technology roadmap to fast track digital transformation initiatives.
  • Payment technology modernization – Help organizations implement technology solutions for merchant management, switching, authorization, settlement, dispute, fraud, and risk management.
  • Emerging payment technologies – Help organizations implement advanced authentication solutions like 3DS2, secure remote commerce (SRC), as well as emerging concepts like open banking.