RS SettleEdge™

Clearing and Settlement System architected for Real-Time Clearing and Ultra-high Frequency Settlement

Third generation Clearing and Settlement architecture for real-time as well as other payment methods

High levels of creativity and innovation have resulted in making available the Clearing and Settlement System architected for Real-Time Clearing and Ultra-high Frequency Settlement. The product is designed to achieve high productivity and performance for the banking ecosystem, mandatory to achieve benefits that digital economies are slated to bring to consumers and businesses alike. This is the first-of-its-kind 3rd-generation system with a proven track record of delivering results at varying scales, depending on the levels of digital adoption in an economy.


RS SettleEdge™ is architected to process stream-based data ingestion for settlement processing at high frequency without creating any backpressure on the online system.

Most clearing and settlement systems in the market offer batch-based processing, which translates into higher liquidity holding, thus resulting in inefficient liquidity management.

In contrast, RS Software’s unique and innovative architecture delivers dynamic on-demand settlement with multiple cycles at high frequency. This ensures lower liquidity requirements for the participating stakeholders, resulting in broader adoption and efficient liquidity management and positively impacting the economy. The modern data architecture takes Data towards Processing, resulting in high throughput.

It is the most appropriate technology solution for real-time payments. Moreover, it is designed with features to deliver the same advantages for clearing and settlement for other payment rails, like retail batch payments and high-value payments that require gross settlement.

API-First | Cloud-First | Microservices-based | Modular design | ISO 20022 Compliant | Stream-based Processing
On-demand Settlement | Active-Active Deployment

Numbers are the best testimony to our credentials


improvement in efficiency by using distributed data services technology

5000 TPS

throughput supported by the system

10 Mn

transactions in 10-12 minutes settlement processing rate

3.5-4K TPS

ingestion rate supported by the Clearing and Settlement system

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