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Money Go Round – A Look into PSD2’s Open Banking Payments

From the History Books The date of April 11th holds a special significance in the tech world.On this fateful day back in 1976, the original Apple computer was built, paving the way for Steve Jobs and co. to ...

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Rise of the MetaHeads

The Evolution of the Metaverse I was in college when “The Matrix” released. It just blew my mind away, and soon became the subject of many an intense conversations with my friends. We debated endlessly on wh...

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Digital Overlay Services – Value-additions to future-proof payments

Businesses, Consumers and all other stakeholders in-between are single-mindedly focused on commerce today. Commerce in turn needs to have alternative ways to transfer funds as Society increasingly moves away fr...

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Bill Payments – A disruption waiting to happen

It is generally believed that the smartphone has disrupted society by replacing the simple cell phone with a clever device having internet connectivity. What really happened is that by reimagining communication...

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Staying ahead of Real-time Fraud

The last couple of years have seen an unprecedented surge in the demand for digital payments globally, thanks to advancements in technology that have brought about remarkable improvements in speed, convenience ...