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RS Bill@Edge™ enables “Anywhere, Anytime” bill and invoice presentment, payment, and reconciliation. Its unique architecture is designed to create a network effect by bringing Consumers, SME businesses, Corporates, Billers, Financial Institutions, Bill/Invoice Payment Service Providers, and Fintech under one interoperable ecosystem, achieving ubiquity, high productivity, optimal cost structure.


The innovative federated hub and spoke network architecture, offers market infrastructure operator as the hub of the network to enable standardization of message infrastructure and security, and administer and govern operating rules, essentially establish bill and invoice payment scheme. While the spokes – the Financial Institutions, and their partners – like biller aggregators and Fintech service the billers, businesses, government institutions and consumers.

Billers and SME Businesses need not onboard and integrate with numerous aggregators and Financial Institutions for access for their customers to have access to these Billers.

At the same time, Financial Institutions and Fintech (wallets providers) connected to the hub enable their customers with real-time payment and access to all the billers and businesses in the ecosystem, i.e., practically all the banked population gets connected to all the billers and businesses who are onboarded with even one of the spoke participants.

Thus, significantly improving the biller and consumer experience, and accelerating the market share for Financial Institutions, Aggregators, and Billers, significantly lowering the cost of operations and reconciliation, and accelerating payment realization, improving cash flows and liquidity predictability.

API-First | Cloud-First | Microservices-based | ISO 20022 Complaint
Request-for-Pay | Instant Invoice Generation | Complaint & Dispute Management
Reconciliation | Dashboard | Analytics

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