Transformation fuels evolution
Supporting new payment methods and channels

Market Outlook

Emergence of digital payments, evolving consumer behaviour, and rising competition from non-banking players is threatening the primacy of banks and changing their role in the payment services infrastructure.

We stay relevant in changing times and comply with emerging regulatory standards (like PSD2) and move fast on the open banking mandate of scalability, flexibility, and transparency that requires banks to modernise their core banking functionality.

How we empower our customers

RS Software’s deep experience in real time payments enables a secure and frictionless experience for banks, Fin Techs, merchants, and businesses with solutions for advanced tokenisation and authentication for payment and non-payment transactions. We help our clients to:

Our success stories

Strategy Partner

Delivered the digital strategy roadmap and governance framework for a global banking solution provider and a leading direct bank in the US.

Technology Partner

Built advanced analytics solutions with AI/ML to support strategic merchant relations for a leading direct bank in the US.

Managed Services Partner

Executed a managed services project for a testing authorization platform of the largest global payment network and delivered 80% efficiency through automation.

Seamless access of payment rails

Built a large scale digital overlay service for a faster payments infrastructure at a country level.

Bill payments at a click

Developed the central bill payments solution at a national level and onboarded all the leading banks on that platform for a country with 1.3 billion citizens.

Ensuring safety

Delivered the fraud and risk solution at a national level for a country with a population of 1.3 billion citizens that works across 18 payment channels.

Prioritizing security

Built the card tokenization platform for one of the largest global payment networks.

Testing done right

Managed the certification testing for the central payment authority at the national level of a country with 1.3 billion citizens.