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Delivering Digital Products for the API


Driving Digital Transformation

APIs are leading the way, acting as both catalysts and enablers for the massive digital transformation of the new economy triggered by the proliferation of mobile devices, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Big Data and social networks that are bringing in innovative and disruptive solutions to every industry in global business. API-driven platforms allow businesses to accelerate the pace of innovation, excel at their core competencies and partner with other businesses for co-creating value.

The success of this endeavor depends on the ease with which developers are able to discover, engage and integrate these API offerings with the degree of trust that they would place in any world-class product. The reality however, is that many API offerings are delivered as random features or applications transformed to APIs as an afterthought, offering no insights into their future roadmaps or changes. Many of these APIs are fragmented, overlapping or adhoc, leading to complex and expensive integrations. Inconsistent and incompatible interfaces across products lead to developer confusion and reliance on paid premier support options. Trying to maintain backward compatibility with such APIs is a significant technical debt that keeps accumulating.

Core Competencies for Connected Commerce

RS Software addresses these challenges through its delivery practice for digital products that helps businesses with a product management discipline for APIs, enabling a robust API management infrastructure and API products that are standards-based and managed for best-in-class developer experience. Our solutions cater to all businesses that are trying to evolve the maturity of their digital product offerings via highly reusable APIs in this increasingly connected economy

Leveraging the deep expertise and insights from large, complex digital transformation initiatives at leading financial services and technology providers, RS Software offers the following key services for the contemporary API economy using our unique accelerators that enable us to provide business value to our customers.

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Digital Transformation and API Strategy

  • API management strategy and execution
  • Program management for digital transformation
  • Transformational product and program methodology to drive innovation and cultural changes
  • Established KPIs and reporting framework
  • Foundation for digital economy
  • Participation in API economy
  • Accelerated pace of innovation
  • Accentuated core competencies
  • Co-created value with partners
  • KPIs – SLAs, Metrics, and Analytics

Managing APIs as Products

  • API Portfolio Management
  • API Product Roadmap Strategy
  • API Product Lifecycle
  • Business Capability Model
  • API Maturity Model
  • Capability aligned API products
  • Measured, Managed Product
  • Visibility into API product Roadmap

API Architecture and Governance

  • API Standards and Schemas
  • API Review and Maturity
  • API Security
  • API Repository for Lifecycle
  • API Standards and
  • API Discoverability – Documentation for Human & Machine Consumption
  • REST, JSON, OAuth instead of SOA
  • APIs: Publish, Manage, Evolve

API Management Platform and

  • API Gateway and Portal
  • API Schema Tools
  • Service Frameworks
  • API Repository for Lifecycle
  • API Management Platform:
    Apigee, CA, WSO2
  • Secure and Scalable Environment
  • Easier Integration – Monetization,
    Engagement & Value
  • Partner Integration using Sandbox,
    SDKs and Web-hooks

Why RS Software ?


RS Software is a leader in providing vertically integrated solutions for highly complex, mission-critical payments environments.

Today the company serves a client list that includes leading global payment brands within the electronic payments ecosystem including acquirers, issuers, payment networks, billing solution providers and other financial institutions.

Presently, we are leveraging our deep insights gained from driving digital transformation, API product management and platform architecture initiatives to build distinctive value propositions for our clients in a rapidly changing payments world.