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Analysing money flow with the AML assist tool

Fraud and Risk Management (FRM) platforms use link analysis to understand how the money flows. In the context of real-time payments (RTP), it has been observed that as part of money laundering, money is quickly moved between accounts through seemingly normal P2P transactions and finally these are taken out from different accounts via ATM. While the offline Anti Money Laundering (AML) analysis reveals a few suspected accounts, it needs to be confirmed through analysing the money movement through retail payment channels and hence it calls for a AML Assist feature from a FRM system that caters to RTP.

RS IntelliEdge™ equips the organization with a AML Assist tool that can process the money movement across accounts including the RTP channel and depicts the flow as a graph. It also provides a graph query interface to analyse the flow to dig deep into AML drive.

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